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Miracles of the Mind
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Jann HoffmanA message from Jann.

Jann Hoffman CHt is down to earth and tells it like she sees it. She is an Intuitive Hypnotherapist who balances practicality with spirituality. She speaks with candor and provides loving guidance. Jann helps you clear away the negative emotions surrounding a situation – the procrastination, the denial and the fear. She replaces the negative emotions with positive suggestions and real life solutions. Jann gives you the direction and tools to create the kind of life you really want to live. Whether it’s about giving up an unhealthy habit, letting go of the past or learning how to forgive yourself and others – your life can change. Each of us has a natural instinct guiding us toward happiness and fulfillment. Over time we stop listening to our own inner voice, we stop making the right choices for our lives. We stop cultivating opportunity and we listen to the negativity of those around us. Are you leading your own life with true peace and joy or are you leading the life others want for you?


Hypnotherapy and Spiritual HealingJann Hoffman CHt will help you rediscover that lost voice within. You learn to reconnect with your own inner voice of hope, of love and inner strength. You will have clarity and greater ease in making decisions. She gives you tools that enable you to feel more empowered and confident. Like a brass ring on a merry-go-round the opportunity to turn your life around is right here – right now…..
You have the power. Take the first step. In addition to serving local areas like Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Studio City, and Santa Monica, Jann Hoffman has the ability to have telephone or Skype sessions all over the United States and internationally. Packages are available.





Member: American Board of Hypnotherapy, Physicians and Psychotherapist Consortium of Los Angeles, and National Guild of Hypnotherapists.