If you’re in a place where you’ve lost your faith and your hope, hypnotherapy can bring that darkness into light. Many of us have gone through cycles in our life, when things are not going our way. Like the seasons of the year life changes. The beauty of life is that the next day, the sun comes up, the trees are still standing strong, and with faith and a new outlook – you can turn your life around. Hypnosis can help you make that change.

As a gifted intuitive hypnotherapist, I see people’s incredible potential, sometimes even before they do. Through Intuitive Hypnotherapy, I help people build a stronger foundation, thus improving sense of self, strength of character and self-worth. Confidence is boosted and a healthy, vibrant, more whole person awakens from within.

My clients discover how they are an asset to the world and what their unique abilities are, and thus their truest calling in this life is. They can then take that information into their daily lives and use it to make the necessary changes to feel stronger and more healthy and thrive in ways they never knew possible. Life can be challenging – why not give yourself the gift of becoming a better you – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Certified Hypnotherapist Jann HoffmanServes as a memory bank
• Controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body
• Is the seat of emotions, imagination and changes in feelings
• Is the dynamo that directs our energy...the energy that drives us toward our goals

Hypnosis is a state in which the mind and body are relaxed and especially receptive to concentration, learning and suggestion. Many clients express a sense of well-being and inner-peace while under hypnosis. The conscious mind is the part of our brain that is responsible for analyzing information. It is where we do our analytical thinking and logical reasoning. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, does not analyze. It takes information, and accumulates data literally. While under hypnosis your subconscious mind is wide awake and listening taking in new positive suggestions that help you make the changes you want to make. As a hypnotherapist I am merely a guide. Through hypnotherapy you can turn your dreams into reality, overcome fears and anxieties, conquer pain, eliminate insomnia, enhance your own innate creativity or just learn to relax and be more in the moment of your life.

Doctors and other health professionals have found that hypnotherapy is a welcomed adjunct to the treatment of anxiety/panic attacks, PTSD, depression, insomnia, pre/post-surgical procedures, pain management, weight loss, exercise motivation, smoking cessation, sexual disorders, addictions, learning disabilities, infertility, painless childbirth, enhancing your self-confidence, improving relationships, and inspiring creativity. 

What To Expect:

Clients considering hypnosis for the first time should keep in mind that there is no loss of control or divulging of secrets. The hypnotic state is neither a gimmick, nor a cure-all. It can unlock doors to the inner self. It has a marvelous potential for beneficial behavioral change.

The most important ingredient about hypnosis is if you believe it will help you change - it WILL help you change. Taking this first step toward healing is courageous! Feel good about this choice.

In most cases, you will be emailed a personalized MP3 of the session.

If you have further questions or need increased detail about your first hypnotherapy appointment, please contact me and I’m happy to go over it all with you!

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