In order to respect and protect the confidentiality of my clients in some testimonials only initials are being used per their request.

For anyone who's been struggling with depression, anxiety, low
self-esteem and other debilitating behaviors, I recommend that
you commit to following Jann's guidance. I do not dwell on
the past anymore; I live in the "present moment" everyday
and my choices are no longer hindered by fear and avoidance.
                                                    J. S. B. - Attorney/Writer

Jann is a true visionary who can see beyond the mighty fortresses
many of us have constructed out of fear and uncertainty. She helped
me to excavate my treasures within.
                                                    Madison R. – Art Photographer

Jann is at the top of my gratitude list for her amazing work.
She has assisted me in awakening my authentic self and
without her, I wouldn't be on the level of health, wellness and
abundance that I am now.
                                                    Gina D. - Holistic Practitioner

Jann penetrates through the darkness and is able to shed a
beacon of light on a situation in order to transform, heal and
transition into true understanding.
                                                    Nina G. - Los Angeles, CA

As I was about to undergo bypass surgery, I relied on Jann
Hoffman to prepare my mind to survive it and recover, and it
worked. Her hypnotherapy is unique and very valuable. I
know this to be a fact.
                                                    Brad K. - Insurance Executive

My 10-year-old child was experiencing difficulty in school,
feeling low self worth and having behavioral problems. Jann
came to his rescue. We saw wonderful changes in his life.
                                                    Lisa B. - Interior Designer

Jann ingeniously led me to rediscover my own resilience and to
move forward with hope for the future... to reclaim my own
equilibrium and guided me back home to the "miracles" of my
own mind.
                                                    Donni B. - Performing Artist

What impressed me the most was your ability to understand how
I was feeling. You helped me feel safe, understood and validated.
Thank you for the courage to be who you are.
                                                    Howard U. – Family Counselor

I have had the pleasure of working with Jann Hoffman for many years. She is an excellent hypnotherapist for my patients and has provided them with wonderful care. She is attentive, caring and competent. I recommend her without hesitation for quality hypnotherapy care.
                                                    Douglas Sears, M.D.

By working simultaneously on the spiritual and the practical, you helped me transform my life
                                                    Emma F. - Set Designer

Jann has guided me through some very difficult times and some extremely wonderful times in my life. Jann’s ability to provide guidance and assurance is the best gift a person can give themselves.
                                                    KSB – Biologic Sales

I am filled with love and heartfelt thanks for the work she has enabled me to do; I know the journey has just begun…
                                                    Denise D. - Actor

Jan Hoffman helped me [to] identify the source of my pain and work through it. Her methods are direct and effective, and soon I experienced drastic improvements in my life. I feel very fortunate to have found Jan and would recommend her to anyone in search of happiness…
                                                    F.M. - Writer/Director

With Jann I have learned to open my heart to myself and others and… fearlessly show that heart to the world…
                                                    Diana B. - Education Counselor

Jann helps you to restore your hope. What do we have without Faith and Hope?
                                                    Eleanor V. - Director/Producer

Jann’s intuitive abilities, caring disposition, and vast experience make her highly adept at pinpointing the right path for you. I trust her implicitly...
                                                    Michelle G. - Writer

To be honest, I was hesitant to try hypnotherapy at first, but Jann has opened my eyes to all the healing powers that hypnotherapy provides. She has been a steadying influence and has taught me to believe in myself and all that is good in the world. She cares deeply about my well being…and for that I am forever grateful.
                                                    M.W. – Wedding Photographer

Jann Hoffman’s techniques are gentle, compassionate, and clearly defined. I have great confidence in her ability to understand problems and to find solutions for them...
                                                    Mark V. - Writer/photographer

I have been an avid follower of Jann Hoffman for over 10 years. I find her extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, clever and competent. I have referred her to many colleagues, clients and friends with utmost confidence……
                                                    Jeffrey Karpel - Attorney

Jann is a consummate professional with the highest code of ethics. She is serious about her work, very sensitive to the needs of her clients and results- oriented.
                                                    John M. - Holistic Practitioner

Have you ever felt like you are driving down the wrong road of life? Jann has the ability to redirect you to the right road – she redirects you to the road of success and the road you are truly meant to be on. Jann does it with grace and kindness. I am very grateful.
                                                    D.R. – Writer

My sessions with Jan Hoffman have been incredible. We have dealt with many different areas through hypnosis and the progress I’ve made has astounded me. Jan’s presence in my life is such a precious gift.
                                                    Cathy R. - Entertainment Industry Executive